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The Advantages of Sindu Express (Sindex) Fast Boat

    sindex fast boat

    Hello guys! How are you today? Do you feel so good? I hope you are okay guys. Okay, I want to ask you today, do you know that a long holiday will come soon? If you already know, do you already have a plan to have a great holiday? Ah, if you have not plan it, I will give you a solution. What is it? Hmmm.. if you stay in Bali island, I suggest you to try to spend your holiday in Lombok or Gili Trawangan or Gili Air Island, but, if you stay in Lombok or Gili Island, maybe you can try to have a good holiday in Bali Island. Why I suggest you to visit them? Because I think, they have some beautiful destination to spend your holiday (like beach, hill, mountain, rice field, under sea view, river, forest, etc), have some place to get some good and delicious foods, there are much of kind people inside of them, they have some good and safety facilities to spend your holiday, there are much of good accommodations there, and many more.

    Beside of that, I want to inform you that the best transportation that you can use to cross the sea to visit them, such as cross from Bali to Gili Island or Lombok and from Gili Island or Lombok to Bali is fast boat. Fast boat is a kind of boat that can cross the sea faster than ferry and have more good facilities than ferry. For your information, certainly there are some provider of fast boat that offer cross the sea service from Bali Island to Gili Island or Lombok and just the opposite, but, I think the best provider of fast boat that you can use to go to Gili Island (Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, Gili Air) from Bali and just the opposite is Sindu Express (Sindex) Fast Boat.

    I have some reasons to say that Sindex Fast Boat is the best fast boat that you can use to cross the sea.

    1. First, Sindex Fast Boat is one of provider fast boat that uses aluminum as the material of their fast boat, not fiber again. So, what is the advantage of it? For your information, if the material of fast boat that we use was made from aluminum, when we cross the sea, the waves will not feel too strong, so, we will not feel so queasy on the trip. What a good innovation right?
    2. Second, the price of the tickets is cheap enough. It just Rp. 325.000 for one way trip and Rp. 650.000 for return trip for adult and if you book the tickets long days before holidays coming, maybe you will get more discount for the ticket’s price. Don’t worry guys, the price is already included pick up service in Ubud area, Kuta area, Nusa Dua, Seminyak, Jimbaran, Sanur, and Candidasa area.
    3. Third, Sindex Fast Boat has some good facilities that can help you feel more comfortable on the trip, such as comfortable and clean seat, television, DVD player, air conditioner (AC), clean toilet, safety equipment (such as life rafts and life jackets), wide cabin, friendly and really good service, and many more.
    4. And the last but not least, the specification of the boat that Sindex Fast boat has is really good and comfortable for the passenger. The fast boat of Sindex Fast Boat has big enough size. It is about 23 meters length and 5 meters width that can accommodate 118 persons in one trip. Beside of that, with six Suzuki machine which move quickly with 35 knot speed, you will arrive in Lombok or Gili Island just for 1 hour and 30 minutes. It is so faster than other transportation such as ferry, isn’t it?


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