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Sea Marlin Express

    Sea Marlin express fast boat is one choice fast boat to take you to the Gulf of code – Lombok and the Gili Trawangan at competitive prices. With a time of just 1 hour sea journey we’ve been able to set foot on the island of Lombok. Sea Marlin Fast Boat Cruises is with a passenger capacity of up to 66 people who will take us to the chili and the dyke at 30 knots boat speed. Marlin Sea Cruises with your time at sea becomes minimal, only about 1 hour you’ve got chili . To facilitate the participants, Marlin Sea Cruises provides shuttle services to and from the hotel where to stay in the area of ​​Sanur, Kuta, Nusa Dua.


    Sea Marlin is equipped with various facilities such as toilets, GPS, Ship-to shore radio, life raft, fire extinguisher, reliability, speed, captain and engineers who are experienced.

    Route, Schedule and Rates

    Bali Sea Malin Express does departure or trip each day to Gili Trawangan and the Gulf of code with a time of about 60 minutes at sea.

    Morning Schedule

    Outbound – Bali to Gili

    • Pick up from Hotel 06.30am to 7.00am
    • Boarding time at 8.30am (Padang Bai harbour)
    • Departure time at 9.00am
    • Arives at Teluk Kode (Lombok) 10.00am
    • Arrives at Trawangan Harbour at 10.30am

    Inbound – Gili to Bali

    • Boarding from Trawangan Harbour at 11.00am
    • Departure at 11.30am
    • Departs from Teluk Kode (Lombok) 11.45am
    • Arrives at Padang Bai Harbour at 13.30pm
    • Drop back to Hotel


    • Adult (12 yrs & up) IDR 400,000 per person / ONE WAY trip
    • Adult (12 yrs & up) IDR 800,000 per person / RETURN trip

    • Children – Children (4 to 11 yrs) £ 250,000 per person / ONE WAY trip

    • Children – Children (4 to 11 yrs) £ 500,000 per person / RETURN trip Babies (0 to 3 yrs) £ F.O.C. per person / ONE WAY trip

    • Babies (0 to 3 yrs) £ F.O.C. per person / RETURN trip

    Prices include a pick up / drop off to Kuta, Seminyak or Sanur. Please contact us for the cost of pick-up outside the area above

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